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We're limited edition. C:

Moorning c:

Today I had some exams at school, and I feel sick too so I’m really tired.
I think I’ll watch some Sherlock episodes now, because I reeeally need some relax.
The wheather here in Italy it’s rainy, but I like it so it’s ok.
Hope you had a good day, 


I never knew da…

I never knew daylight could be so violent.

So now I’m kinda obsessed with this AMAZING song.
I love her voice and the lyrics.
This song makes me think about Benedict Cumberbatch.
I know, it’s strange.
But he’s so perfect.

Advice ;)

Have you ever read this book?
I found it one day when I was out with my friends, and I needed to read something, so I picked up the first book I saw and bought it.
Now I’m kinda obsessed with the Trylle stuff, and I know that this trilogy will soon become a movie.
I hope you’ll enjoy this.
As always, sorry for the bad english.


Good evening people,
I was in Rome with my friends few days ago and I fell in love with this city, it’s beautiful, and I didn’t know where to look because every 100 meters there was some ancient stuff and I was sooo enchanted.
Hope I’ll go back soon.
And again, sorry for my terrible english.

We read to know…

We read to know that we are not alone.

C.S. Lewis.
Yeah, this man is a genius, and I love his stories.
I think someday I’ll tatoo this phrase on my back in giant dimensions, so people can understand why I’m obsessed by books.
I hope someone behind the screen thinks it too c: 
Sorry for the bad english, but I’m Italian, you know.
Write me everything you want, I’m here to listen.